GlazeMe UV Nail Polish Review – AU

I have received my GlazeMe order today-thank you for the prompt despatch and beautiful packaging! It was a birthday present to myself, so it really was like getting a present. I have just completed my first DIY UV manicure and I am ecstatic with the results and the colour is beautiful. I still can’t get over how easy it is to apply and the results are amazing – thanks for supplying the Australian market with a great product.
I want to congratulate you on your excellent communication about your product. What beautiful presentation of the box. I ran next door for my friend to share the experience of what I bought. Much oohing and aaahing!!!! After a quick stop at the chemist to buy a small brush, cotton wipes and a buffer, I went home very excited with my box and my daughter had no hesitation in volunteering to be my model. Her nails look like she has just been to the salon to have them done. After one go, I am a professional. Ha!! She has lined up 3 of her friends for me. So we are having a girly night next week. She also wants me to do her nails for her wedding in June. Then I went home and did my own nails. I think I did a better job than the girls I have been paying! I love the lovely Cherry Blossom colour I chose. GlazeMe products are such a pleasure to use, and so easy. I am going to save myself so much money and have fun at the same time.

Nail Art Trends with UV Polish

Nail art has taken over the beauty world. We’re seeing trends in nail art on celebrities, at award shows, on beauty blogs, and in everyday life. Choosing to use the longer lasting and more durable UV polish doesn’t mean that you’ll have to miss out on the trend. Check out these ideas for easy nail art, using Glaze Me’s gorgeous shades.

Accent Nail

One of the easiest ways to add some life into your manicure is to use the popular accent nail. To get the look, choose two coordinating colors of UV polish. Most girls prefer to have one solid and more toned down color on the majority of their nails with a more fun and exciting color on the accent nail. Try using Glaze Me’s Mushroom along with Burgundy Bliss, a combination perfect for fall and winter. Start by painting all of your nails except your ring fingers with the first color. Then, paint the nails of your ring fingers with the second shade. Follow the instructions to set your manicure.

Making Patterns

If you’re a fan of funky designs, there are plenty of easy nail art options for you. Don’t feel limited because you’re using UV polish. You can still create any of the nail art designs that you see online. In fact, using UV polish to get the look will help ensure that you’ll be able to show off your artwork even longer than you would with regular polish. Try out a snakeskin pattern for a wild look.

Start with a base layer of a cool, sparkly shade. Glaze Me’s Evergreen Envy is perfect for this. Follow the instructions to cure that coat. Then, add a layer of black like Tarmac Black. Put the black on one nail at a time. After adding the black, grab a dotting tool and make dots of the base color showing through. Then, cure the nail and move on to the next. Add your top coat and check out your artwork.

Get Stamping

Nail image plates and stamping sets work so well with UV polishes. Start with a base coat. Try a darker color like Clay Mask. Then, follow the instructions with your nail plates to add polish to the image, get the image on your stamping, and apply it to the nail. For this, use a light color like Snow Flake. Cure the polish as you would normally to set the pattern.

Four Easy Nail Art Methods


Different types of nail art methods are in use to make your nails appear beautiful and attractive. Women maintaining well groomed nails with catchy nail art designs employing different kinds of techniques are very common nowadays. Some of the widely used easy methods are narrated here.

Stamping Nail art Method

This method involves stamping of a design from an image plate on to your nails. For this, you require the image plate, stamp, scraper and the nail polish. First, you keep your nails well groomed and ready to be printed the design on them by applying some base coat as per your liking. Apply polish to the image plate design by spreading it all over the image gently. Then remove the excess polish with the scraper gently on to a paper towel cleaning the scraper also in the process with the towel. Then pick the image with the stamp by gently rolling it on to the design from one end to the other and put the impression of that design on your nail by pressing the stamp on it very carefully so that entire impression of the design appears on your nail. All this process requires to be quickly accomplished before the polish on the design of image plate and that of the stamp gets dry. If they dry up no impression will make.

Dotting Nail Art Method

This method involves making nail art with dots. You can make designs of flowers, leaves and any figure or design that you may want to make on your nails with these dots. For this dotting purpose you may purchase dotting tools for nail art available in market or use any tool that helps in making dots like tooth pins, ball pens, bobby pins, ordinary pins of small and large sizes depending upon the size of dots that you may want to make. Simply dip the edge of the tool into the polish and make dots on your nail according to your design. Care should be taken to put the dots lightly so that they get dried up quickly and may not get mixed up.

Free Hand Nail Art Drawing Method

This is one of the original nail art methods in use. In this method, the design is drawn manually using a painting brush or a pointed tip on the nail. You can draw the design after applying a base coat and a layer of polish on the nails to make the design durable. Draw sketches of flowers or figures of any form with the help of brush or pointed tool on the nails carefully without using excessive polish to maintain the decorum of nails. No artistic talent is necessary. You can make simple designs with this method and yet look awesome.

Air Brush Spray Method

This is another technique used in designing nail art. Here you use an air brush and a stencil design to make your nail art. The air brush uses the air pumping technique to spray the nail polish on to your nail. The pressure of air can be controlled according to the force and quantity of polish required for making the design. The polish gets sprayed through the stencil on to the nails with the help of the air brush to make the art on your nails.

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Beautiful nails with a nail art design enhance your nails nautural beauty and gives your nails an attractive look. Nail art is creative drawing of designs and pictures either painted or stuck onto your nails. There are many different ways of achieving the artistic designs. You can draw, paint or stick the designs on the nails on your own or you can fix an artificial nail with an art design already printed on it.